Slashed Prices to Make Way for Exciting New Book

Hello friends old and new. See my new drastically reduced prices for old favourite books and DVD which you will find under the SHOP tab. There is no catch! All books are new and signed by me.

I want to create space for my new book, Ballina: One Town Three Wars & More, which is due out towards end of July. It covers the town from circa 1880 to 1923 and is a superb social history of a town emerging from the grips of landlordism into troubled times…and emerging with new hope.

Extensively featured are WW1, The Anglo-Irish War and the Civil War, with exciting new revelations and wonderful and rare photographs.   50,000 Irishmen died in WW1, and upwards of 200 were from the Ballina region. Read their stories from the trenches. But the book is much more than that: it features living conditions in hovels in back lanes, education, occupations, sport, politics…the full gamut of life in a small but ambitious Irish town.

Hardcover, it runs to over 400 pages and includes links to digital sites, so the reader can slip into the mood and nuances of the time. A digital edition of the book will also be available.

Every bookshelf should have a copy of Ballina: One Town Three Wars and More (c. 1880-1923)

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Many thanks for your support in the past: without you the history of Ballina in all its facets would ot be possible.

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